Community Rules

Warez/downloading games talk is prohibited.

To prevent legal issues, you may not request or refer to any kind of ROM, NAND, ISO, game, or other copyrighted material that has been illegally obtained or shared. This rule also applies to pre-release leaks. We don’t allow discussion / support requests about games until they are officially released.

If any post like that is found, the thread containing it will be locked and further support revoked. Stating that you’ve downloaded a ROM or telling others where to download a ROM will get you suspended from the forum immediately, no matter if you purchased the game or not. You must legally dump/rip your own games, NAND, etc. Home Folder Files fall under warez / NAND files, do not ask for download links or post them!

Unofficial builds (Versions of Citra not downloaded from here) are not supported. Because they may introduce new bugs, contain GPL violations, or be a virus. You may not ask for support with non-nightly builds, or provide download links to them.

Asking for help

When asking for support, please always provide the githash - located in the title bar of citra’s GUI - your full PC specs (CPU, RAM, GPU, Operating System), any relevant settings, and detailed information on what you are attempting to do (such as what game you are trying to run). Ignoring this rule may result in your thread being locked.

General posting guidelines

Flaming/harassment of other members will not be tolerated. We want to keep our forums civil and friendly. If you have an issue with a member that you cannot resolve on your own, please ask a moderator or administrator to help.

You may not post or display any content (images, text, videos) that is sexually explicit or erotic, i.e. content whose sole purpose is arousal. This forum does not currently have spoiler tags, so any questionable content for artistic use involving nudity or highly offensive/descriptive language must be hosted outside of the forum and showed here only as a link with suitable NFSW warnings.

No spamming, off-topic posts. We will not tolerate posts that are either irrelevant to a thread’s subject or solely for advertising. Also before posting, please assign appropriate tags that fit your thread. Users on the forum are allowed to self-promote if they are involved with the community, but random promotion from unknown accounts is SPAM and will be deleted.

How many accounts can I have at one time?

Users may only have one active account at a time. Alternate, duplicate, or multiple active accounts will be suspended from the forums.

Can I post in other languages?

This is an English only forum, please do not post in any other language. If you are not a native English speaker and are using a translator to assist, you may write your post in your own language as long as you provide the text of the automatic translation in the post.


First and foremost, breaking a rule related to piracy will result in a warning from the moderators, and likely the deletion of the infringing post if it has links to copyrighted material.

The moderation staff will discuss prolonged or permanent suspension beforehand on every case, with the only exceptions being SPAM, or anything imminently harmful such as harassment.

Short suspensions of under one month are left to the discretion of the staff involved per the situation.