Asking for Help

Before starting your support request:

  • Check if the problem is already reported in our game compatibility list Someone may be experiencing the same issue as you, or specific settings may be required for the game you are attempting to play.
  • Reset your config file to defaults This can resolve many common misconfiguration issues. This can be done by going to Configuration menu, General tab, and selecting “Reset All Settings”
  • Make sure you’re using the latest Citra Canary build. We don’t provide support for older builds. Make sure you’re using the latest Canary build available, as we always pour new improvements into them.
  • Check if your drivers are up-to-date. Many issues are simply solved by updating your drivers, mainly GPU. Always make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date before proceeding. Just using the Windows builtin updater usually is not enough! Always install your GPU drivers through your GPU vendor’s website.
  • Check if your System matches Citra’s minimum requirements. Assuming your system runs it because it runs other emulators is not enough. Many people simply ignore this step thinking their system matches the minimum requirements and end up wasting their time trying to get it to work.

Submitting your support request:

  • Choose a place to ask for support:
    • Discord: Go to the #citra-support channel on our Discord Server and submit a message describing your issue alongside uploading your log file. Remember to read the #welcome channel for instructions on how to join the server.
    • Forums: Go to the Support section of our forums and start a new thread or post in an existing one if it discusses the same problem you’re experiencing, attaching or uploading your log file.
  • Don’t forget to upload the file containing the log.
  • Include screenshots if you believe they help clarifying your problem. Upload them as attachments to the post or upload them to image sharing websites like Imgur and link them on your request.
  • Provide basic system information. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and GPU Drivers’ version are usually enough.