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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball


Game functions with minor graphical or audio glitches and is playable from start to finish. May require some workarounds.
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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball is a baseball video game developed and published by Nintendo, starring the titular Rusty Slugger and the player's Mii character. It features a collection of baseball themed minigames. Minigames are purchased and downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. Players can haggle with Rusty to decrease a game's price with donuts or discount tickets obtained from the minigames.


Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball plays okay in Citra. It requires system files from an actual Nintendo 3DS before it can start up. There are no graphical issue with exception being the player’s Mii character. Due to Citra lacking a functioning Mii Maker, the player’s Mii character will appear headless. Save data from an actual Nintendo 3DS fixes this.

Headless Mii in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball.

Sometimes when loading/finishing a challenge, the game will freeze up, forcing a reset.


ID Build Date Tested By Hardware Citra Version Rating
1a03ae36-ccdd-4d69-ad39-b1b301712f92 06/9/2018 solitonmedic on 06/09/2018 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz
Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
Nightly Build

Known Issues

No issues have been reported for this game.


Name Description
Save data with working Mii face Extracted from a actual Nintendo 3DS. Save data with a working Mii character. Can only play the demo version of Bat & Switch. Only works for USA version.