We're Moving to Discourse!

As we approach the first birthday of Citra’s website, we’d like to announce yet another project infrastructure update:

We’ve decided to launch a new forum based on the Discourse forum software!

When we first introduced the new website back in February of 2016, we chose to use Flarum over more classic forums used on other websites (such as phpBB, MyBB, or vBulletin). The reason for this was because Flarum was a much more modern platform, with better mobile support, and a attractive and innovative UI. It seemingly had a very promising future, receiving multiple large updates in a very short timeframe. But while it was great to use at first, it ultimately left us wanting some critical features that never seemed to come - such as the ability to send private messages.

Meet Discourse, an open source forum platform with the features that we need. Not only does it improve our ability to moderate, but the every day user experience should also be enhanced. Discourse is a widely used and established platform, used by such communities as Imgur, Twitter, Github, Ubuntu, and more. The layout of the new forums are simple, users of Flarum should have no problem getting used to it!

You can visit the new forums at https://community.citra-emu.org/, come say Hello! You’ll need to create a new account, but we now support using your Google or GitHub credentials to log in!

Written by Flame Sage and bunnei on Tuesday January 17, 2017