Welcome to the New Citra!

Welcome to the brand new Citra website! This new site has been a sort of secret project off and on for over a year now. A lot of hard work, a few false starts, but here we are! This has been a big team effort - we’d like to especially thank Flame Sage, the primary architect behind the new website backend; MaJoR for the design and artwork, and lastly jchadwick for his early on role in the project. Here’s a brief overview of some of our new features!

Blog: Citra now finally has a platform to share information with everyone directly! It will allow Citra to communicate directly to users and fans in long form, fully exploring 3DS emulation in ways that were impossible to express before. An article is already up talking about the past year of development, and more will come!

Community: Citra now has its own discussion forum! It is now open, so come on everyone and join! Instead of the typical forum software, we are using a brand new open source forum software that is focused on streamlining and simplifying bulletin boards. It’s a little different from what you might be used to, but it is a joy to use!

Wiki: The site has it’s own wiki! But not a mediawiki - select articles from Github can be elevated here for easy access to user-update guides and other materials. In time, it will make Citra much easier to use.

Screenshots: We have our own screenshots gallery, which will give us a lot more room for a lot more screenshots! With easy navigation and viewing to boot.

Logo: And finally, this is the official reveal of our new logo!

There’s a LOT more work to be done, so things are definitely a work in progress. For example, a new download page with archives is high on our list! But we’re going to keep working hard and keep making things better.

Written by Flame Sage on Monday February 22, 2016