Citra Now Has A Game Compatibility Wiki!

As game compatibility has broadened and the popularity of Citra has risen there’s always been a lack of consistent information on what could be played in Citra and what couldn’t. Often times the best way to find out if a game was working properly in Citra was to jump in and test it for yourself, but if any issues were encountered you’d be left scouring through forums sifting through potentially out of date information for answers.

In order to address this issue Flame Sage, Flamboyant Ham, leo121, anodium, and TheKoopaKingdom have worked hard to create a new game compatibility wiki! As time goes on more and more titles from the 3DS library will be added to this list. As they’re added in, each game will be given a compatibility rating based on how well and how smoothly they run in Citra. On each game’s individual page there will be a summary of the game itself, how it runs on Citra, as well as any problems that arise when running the game.

We encourage community contributions to this list as well! If you’d like to add new entries to this list you can find out how to contribute here.

Thank you everyone for continuing on this journey with us!

Check Out The Compatibility List Here

Written by saphiresurf on Sunday June 04, 2017