Announcing Bleeding Edge Builds

Sometimes it’s hard to wait. We’ve noticed that users are very excited about the future of Citra, which means wanting to try all of the changes all of the time. But, emulator development can be a slow, arduous process as new changes can bring big regressions and problems with the much wanted new features.

In order to satiate the needs of our users, we’ll be adding new builds for download: bleeding edge builds! These builds will contain experimental features and changes designed to give the absolute fastest builds with the most features combined into one download! Since these releases are official, unlike other random builds you might find on the internet, there is no chance that they will contain a virus, or anything else that can potentially be harmful.

Because updates will come at a rapid pace and there is a chance of these changes adversely affecting emulation, the builds will let you know when a newer version is available and auto-update if you allow it.

You can download the bleeding edge development builds at our downloads page right now! While Windows is the only operating system targeted at this time, the other operating systems will follow shortly.

While these builds aren’t technically supported, they can be extremely useful for catching regressions and other issues from the various experimental features rolled into them. If you experience a bug, please make sure that the latest nightly builds do not have the issue before reporting it.

Written by JMC47 and jroweboy on Tuesday October 11, 2016