Support Citra with your Donations

Developing an emulator for a modern, complex system like the Nintendo 3DS requires significant hard work and dedication from a large team of developers. We will never charge you for Citra and will always make our source code freely available. We do not make any money from our work, however development has many expenses that are often paid out-of-pocket by our team members, among them:

  • 3DS consoles to explore and reverse-engineer the hardware
  • 3DS games for testing, reverse-engineering, and implementing new features
  • Web hosting and infrastructure setup
  • Software licenses
  • Additional hardware (e.g. 3D monitors to eventually support 3D output, GPUs as-needed to improve rendering support, other peripherals to add support for, etc.)

Your generous donation will go directly toward providing these to our team. Previous donations have already been used to purchase several 3DS consoles, games, and host our current website! However, our costs will continue as our team grows, our website grows, and we strive to achieve high game compatibility with Citra.

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We will more than gladly accept used 3DS consoles and games! Please contact:

Thank you for your support!