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We're Moving to Discourse!

As we approach the first birthday of Citra’s website, we’d like to announce yet another project infrastructure update: We’ve decided to launch a new forum based on the Discourse forum software! When we first introduced the new website back in February of 2016, we chose to use Flarum over more classic forums used on other websites (such as phpBB, MyBB, or vBulletin). The reason for this was because Flarum was a much more modern platform, with better mobile support, and a attractive and innovative UI.

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The Nightly Builds are back!

As you all know, the Nightly builds have been down for some time now due to the former maintainer not being around, but the issues have been resolved, and the Nightly builds are now available on our downloads page once again! With downloads available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, you’re no longer required to compile the build yourself. Likewise, we’d like to remind all users that any bugs found within Citra, or during emulation, be reported from the Nightly builds, and not the Bleeding Edge ones.

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Migrate Your Savefiles

DISCLAIMER: You do NOT need to follow this guide if you downloaded Citra for the first time after December 6th, 2016 OR if you have freshly installed Citra since using an older build. In new versions of Citra, the location of saves has changed, so this guide will show how to migrate your saves to the new location on Window (Linux and macOS Bleeding Edge builds are planned, we are currently busy working on bringing nightly builds back.

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