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The Nightly Builds are back!

As you all know, the Nightly builds have been down for some time now due to the former maintainer not being around, but the issues have been resolved, and the Nightly builds are now available on our downloads page once again! With downloads available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, you’re no longer required to compile the build yourself. Likewise, we’d like to remind all users that any bugs found within Citra, or during emulation, be reported from the Nightly builds, and not the Bleeding Edge ones.

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Announcing Bleeding Edge Builds

Sometimes it’s hard to wait. We’ve noticed that users are very excited about the future of Citra, which means wanting to try all of the changes all of the time. But, emulator development can be a slow, arduous process as new changes can bring big regressions and problems with the much wanted new features. In order to satiate the needs of our users, we’ll be adding new builds for download: bleeding edge builds!

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